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Known Issues

Last updated: 07.08.23

The following topics are currently being worked on or are already on our agenda. Have you discovered something yourself? Click the button below and let us know!


  • The installation process is still being set up
  • Extensive tests of the new GREYD.SUITE with other themes & plugins are still ongoing


  • Standard content & patterns will be added & changed

Frontend Features:

  • The header can currently not really be fixed and therefore not animated
  • Scroll & parallax effects do not yet work completely

Global Styles:

  • When working on the core global styles & GREYD styles at the same time, there are still some issues syncing those styles, as the necessary hooks are not yet available in WP core
  • Custom font upload will be added
  • Custom breakpoints cannot be set yet
  • Tables & notices cannot be designed
  • Note: The grid works differently now – it was adjusted to be closer to the WP core, even though being harder to use at the beginning


  • Global styles cannot be downloaded yet
  • The FSE version is not yet recognised as SUITE

Template Library:

  • All templates are still designed for the “classic” SUITE


  • The theme has not yet been cleanly extended for WooCommerce
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